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Predators vs Maple Leafs, Nashville Kangaroos Night

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Vale, Alex Benjamin.

The Nashville Kangaroos joined his family and friends in grieving the loss of Alex Benjamin.

Letter from President of Nashville Kangaroos, Inc - February 2017

Greetings to all Nashville Kangaroos Fans!

Unprecedented result at 10th Annual Fastest Roo

The 2017 Fastest Roo race at the Zoo Run Run 5k produced a result that will probably never be replicated.

John Harrell Memorial Cup, Louisville

The Nashville Kangaroos have won the John Harrell Memorial Cup more often than any other team.

Nashville Kangaroos appoint Cliff Cosnahan as coach

The Nashville Kangaroos are pleased to announce the appointment of veteran player Cliff Cosnahan as interim head coach.

New board of directors and 2016 awards announced.

On Friday, 28th October 2016, members of Nashville Kangaroos, Inc. met at Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace to thank the 2016 Board of Directors for their much appreciated work, select directors for the 2017 Board, and present awards for the 2016 season.

Results and Recaps

Footy and Netball in Nashville

Nashville Kangaroos Mission:
The Club is dedicated to fostering the national and international amateur sports competition of Australian Rules Football, Netball, and Golf. This mission is achieved by:

  • Playing and promoting Australian Football
  • Playing and promoting Netball
  • Playing and promoting Golf
  • Providing an Australian, New Zealand, and American Business Network