Western Wallabies lead Metro Footy Series

The 2016 Nashville Metro Footy Series started way back on May 7, with a new formula embracing the neighborhood pride and natural rivalries within Nashville. Kicking three goals and nine behinds is never a good formula to help win a game, and that was the story as the Western Wallabies fell to the victorious East Nashville Platypus in the opening game, Metro Game 1.

Final scores:
East Nashville Platypus 8.3 (52)
Western Wallabies 3.9 (27)

Clearly the gap was not as big as the final score indicated, but the Western Wallabies recruited and restructured for more scoring firepower. This paved the way for a nine goal day for Eric Toepfer, and a major turnaround in Metro Game 2 on July 16.

The Wallabies gained an eight goal lead over the second and third quarters, with six goals in each. East Nashville displayed excellent fitness as they came back strongly with eight goals in the last quarter, but it was not enough to counter another four goals kicked at the other end.

It was great to see Toby Persson return to the field, not just as field umpire but also making a good contribution to the Platypus when playing a quarter at full back.

Final scores:
East Nashville Platypus 14.14 (98)
Western Wallabies 18.12 (120)

East Nashville: Tim Dunn 6, Nathan Caldwell 4, Will White 2, Clifford Cosnahan 2.
Western: Eric Toepfer 9, John Freeman 3, Evan Ling 3, Darin Vsetecka 2, Sam White.

The Western Wallabies took a 2-1 lead in the Nashville Metro Series in an abbreviated Metro Game 3 at Elmington Park on August 6. Persson again featured for the Platypus at full back, but could not prevent goal thief Evan “Colonel” Ling from a nine-goal haul to match Toepfer’s Game 2.

East Nashville took an early lead in the first half, with the speed of Maurice “Mo” Howell, Andrew Little, Aussie newcomer Dale Sutherland and Brian Domin on display. A couple of late goals by Western gave them the lead by just nine points at the break. The experience of Dee Vsetecka, Jeff “Peeps” Persson and David “Frosty” Harris in the center showed in the second half, feeding the ball with precision to forwards Toepfer and Ling.

Final scores:
East Nashville Platypus 8.3 (51)
Western Wallabies 13.4 (82)

East Nashville: Maurice Howell 4, Andrew Little, Dale Sutherland, Brian Domin.
Western: Evan Ling 9, David Harris 3, Eric Toepfer.

The Metro competition is far from decided. Significant talent could return for Metro Game 4 on September 15, including the entire list of Platypus goalkickers from Metro Game 2. With only a month remaining before the USAFL National Championship Tournament, every player will be working towards peak performance and optimal team play.

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