Redbacks rally, Wallabies win

Trailing 0-2 in the series, the Redbacks knew they had a difficult challenge, particularly with the Wallabies recruiting young Aussie gun James Mitchell. Add three Revos into the mix and there was some serious firepower on both sides, but every player grasped their opportunities to shine.

The Redbacks scored first, then the Wallabies kicked three goals. Just when the Wallabies seemed to have the upper hand, the Redbacks came back with three quick goals. The first quarter ended virtually even, Redbacks leading by the slimmest possible margin 4.2 (26) to 4.1 (25).

Wallaby ringer Mitchell got fired up in the second quarter, helping the Wallabies to a dominant 7 goal quarter. At half time, the Wallabies led 11.1 (67) to 6.2 (38).

The Redbacks contained Mitchell better in the third quarter, but still slid further back 8.2 (50) to the Wallabies 15.3 (93).

The Redbacks did not give up. Needing 7 goals, the Redbacks made some strategic player moves, including Revolution player Nathan Caldwell to half forward. This paid quick dividends with a string of 5 goals from Caldwell, but the Wallabies made the necessary adjustments barely in time to save the game. The Redbacks fell slightly short of the 7-goal objective while allowing a couple of goals at the other end.

Final score:
Wallabies 17.5 (107)
Redbacks 14.2 (86)

Wallabies: James Mitchell 10, Ross Flemming 3, Eric Toepfer 3, Tim Fulwider.
Redbacks: Nathan Caldwell 8, Luke Nemeth 3, JP Kirby, Duane Mathes, Evan Ling.

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