Recruitment Day, Saturday March 24

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10:00am to 2:00pm CT
Where: Elmington Park, Nashville

Arrival (10:00 am)
Players and Supporters arrive at Elmington Park
Unpack the Kangaroos Trailer - Set up goal posts and field for training and exhibition game

Introductions (10:15 am)
Introductions of Club and Team Leaders, Introductions of Sponsors
Introductions of Players and Newcomers

Warm Ups and Introductory Session (10:30 am)
Stretching and warm up session
Handball skills: basics and drills
Kicking skills: basic and drills

Training Drills (10:45 am)
Football Training drills to emphasize the importance of movement, voice, and teamwork
Jon Freeman, Training Manager will take the team through non-pressure drills that start simple and work towards game situations.

Skills Competition (12:00 pm)
Skills competitions in two categories: Veterans and Joeys, with prizes for the winners in each category:
Kicking and Handballing Accuracy and Distance
Goal Kicking

AFL Laws and Game Prep (12:45 pm)
In order to have a proper exhibition game, we will review the game rules while we refuel the Roos.
Divide the players into two teams and go over the basic playing positions.

Exhibition Game (1:00 pm)
The Redbacks and Wallabies will take to the field of battle in an exhibition match. During this match we will stop the game frequently to illustrate and emphasize teaching moments, so that everyone, veterans and joeys, will be able to learn how the game flows, and become more familiar with the rules.

Wrap Up (1:30 pm)
Break down
Summary of the day. Feedback from participants.
Kangaroos Schedule: training, meetings, games, social events
Join the Nashville Kangaroos for 2018

Next Events: Training commences 3/28, Team Meeting 4/8, Opening Match 4/28

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