Recruitment Day, Saturday March 24

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10:00am to 2:00pm CT
Where: Elmington Park, Nashville

Arrival (10:00 am)
Players and Supporters arrived at Elmington Park
Unpacked the Kangaroos Trailer - Set up goal posts and field for training and exhibition game

Introductions (10:15 am)
Introductions of Club and Team Leaders, Introductions of Sponsors
Introductions of Players and Newcomers

Warm Ups and Introductory Session (10:30 am)
Stretching and warm up session
Handball skills: basics and drills
Kicking skills: basic and drills

Training Drills (10:45 am)
Football Training drills to emphasize the importance of movement, voice, and teamwork
Jon Freeman, Training Manager took the team through non-pressure drills that started simple and advance towards game situations.

Skills Competition (12:00 pm)
Skills competitions in two categories: Veterans and Joeys, with prizes for the winners in each category:
Kicking and Handballing Accuracy and Distance
Goal Kicking

AFL Laws and Game Prep (12:45 pm)
In order to have a proper exhibition game, we reviewed the game rules while we refueled.
Divided the players into two teams and go over the basic playing positions.

Exhibition Game (1:00 pm)
The Redbacks and Wallabies, including new recruits, took to the field of battle in an exciting exhibition match.

Wrap Up (1:30 pm)
Break down
Summary of the day. Feedback from participants.
Kangaroos Schedule: training, meetings, games, social events
Join the Nashville Kangaroos for 2018

Next Events: Training commences 3/27, Team Meeting 4/8, Opening Match 4/28

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