Nashville Kangaroos 6.5.41 Milwaukee Bombers 12.13.85 - August 2, 2008

Coming into the MAAFL game with the Bombers, the Kangaroos were flying high after a convincing win at home against the Florida United. This was a more difficult challenge as it involved the long road trip to Milwaukee, where the Roos have never won. After the Roos drove four hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Chicago due to road construction, the game started forty five minutes late. However, a good number of spectators had waited patiently, enjoying picture-postcard weather and the moderate breeze winds coming off the lake. The Bombers won the toss and elected to go with the wind for the first quarter.

The Nashville defense had a tough task as the Milwaukee midfield controlled play from the first bounce. Five Milwaukee scoring opportunities in the first ten minutes resulted in no goals, only five behinds as the defenders clung on desperately. The second half of the opening quarter was a different story as the Bombers went long distance by opening up the middle and scoring 3 goals over the Roo defenders’ heads. The only score for the first quarter was from Blair Morris. The Roos trailed for the first time in 5 games, 3.5.23 to 1.0.6.

The Roos came on the attack with the breeze in the second quarter. The quarter’s first goal cut the lead to 12 points. After a second goal from the Roos, this time from Chris “Lawn” Moerman. However, Milwaukee came back in the latter part of the quarter with 2 goals. For the second quarter in a row, the Bombers outmarked the Roos, leading that statistic by 21 to 14 for the first half. As for the score, the Bombers had slightly extended their lead to 5.9.39 to 3.1.19 at the half.

The third quarter saw the Bombers going long range again and, with three injured Roos, the battle seemed to be lost as the Bombers went on the rampage, scoring 5 goals while shutting the Roos out for the first time in 22 quarters. After the premiership quarter, the Bombers lead 10.10.70 to 3.2.20.
Finally, the Kangaroos came to life in the final quarter with full forward Chris “Lawn” Moerman finally getting on target with 2 goals in the first four minutes to reduce the deficit from 50 to 38. The Bombers responded with a goal and 2 rushed behinds before Chris got the ball and scored his 4th goal of the game and USAFL leading 37th goal of the season. But, it was too little, too late as the final goal from the Bombers sealed the game for them. It was a improving quarter as the Roos outmarked them 14-3 in the final quarter to finish only 1 mark down, 35-34, but that was very deceiving as they also won the quarter 3.3.21 to the Bombers 2.3.15. The final score from Milwaukee was the Bombers 13.12.85 to the Roos 6.5.41.

With the loss, the Roos went from 1st to 3rd due to the tie-breaker with the percentages as they now trail both Chicago and Milwaukee by less than 6 percentage points. But, all is not lost for the team as they have one more game on the road on September 20th @ Minnesota. But, they need help from Chicago or Minnesota or both to secure their first title in 6 seasons. The Roos next game is the showdown rematch with the Kookaburras at the home finale on September 13th. I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes right now as we have a bunch of angry Roos wanting to take action to not have this happen again.

After the game and settling down to reflect the game, the team took their worries aside and celebrated one of the good clubmen of the team as he celebrated his 40th birthday. Goal Umpire Alex Benjamin, making his 2nd straight trip with the team and goal umpiring his 54th game during the contest, was handed a team t-shirt signed by the entire team. Mates, it was very well appreciated it and will be definitely cherished. Thanks, Mates!
Dee Vsetecka, Luke Nemeth and Jeff Persson are off to join the US Revolution National Team as they take on the world at the 3rd International Cup in Melbourne, Australia starting on the 26th of this month through September 6th. Mates, safe journeys and bring home the cup to the USA!

Scoring By Quarters
Roos 1.0 (6) Bombers 3.5 (23)
Roos 3.1 (19) Bombers 5.9 (39)
Roos 3.2 (20) Bombers 10.10 (70)
Roos 6.5 (41) Bombers 12.13 (85)

Best On Ground: Damian Serong, Dee Vsetecka, Mischa Nemeth, Chris Moerman, Bo Link, Luke Nemeth
Most Improved: Justin Davis
Attendance: 150
Injuries: Luke Nemeth (Separated Shoulder), Mischa Nemeth (Sprained Shoulder)

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