Nashville Kangaroos 2016 season preview

The Kangaroos style of play, much like the music from the city they represent, has a familiar twang that has endured through their almost two decades of existence.

2015 was a mixed bag for Smashville, as they went 6-4 on the regular season to finish 12th. Led by emerging American talent such as Tim Fulwider and Eric Toepfer, the Roos logged quite a few miles in travel. Big wins at Columbus as well as at home against Chicago were balanced by road losses to Baton Rouge and Atlanta. Despite the high finish, the Kangaroos weren’t able to get enough players down to Austin to play in D2, and were beaten all ends up in D3 play.

A new year, and a new slate to succeed with. It has already begun with a solid road victory over rival Atlanta, and this year they’ll also be playing what is most likely the first footy game played in Arkansas when they hook up with Tulsa.

One thing that Nashville’s teams have been known for is a devastating attack, and Fulwider, Toepfer, Cliff Cosnahan, and Nathan Caldwell form a multi-pronged attack that has the efficiency and ease of a metal spork. They’re supported by a stable of old pros, with the likes of Jeff “Peeps” Persson, Dee Vsetecka, Evan “Colonel” Ling and David “Frosty” Harris on the back half of the field. Athletic weapons such as Maurice Howell, James Duty, Duane Mathes and former Indy Giant Tim Dunn look to take them over the top.

The short distance to Florida from the Music City should allow the Roos to field a fuller team this year, and if that’s the case, they’ll be bumping someone out of D2. Nashville is always a tough side to play, and they’ll be there on Nationals Sunday if they can find some consistency.


Source: Brian Barrish, USAFL Media Manager
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  1. Lynda May 26, 2016


    I’ve just discovered your team, (actually, I just discovered the US league of Aussie Rules).

    I’m a mad keen North Melbourne Kangaroos supporter and was thrilled to learn that Nashville has a ‘roos’ team too.

    I’ll be travelling to Nashville in November and was hoping to catch a game.  It seems you play only in your summer, whereas in Australia, footy is played in our winter.

    Nevermind.  I wish your team great success and every success.



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