Nashville Kangaroos 2015 season preview

Elmington Park in downtown Nashville emerged early in the USAFL’s history as one of the best and most imposing grounds to play on; the latter description more so for opponents of the Nashville Kangaroos. After a year away, the ‘Roos will return there for 2015.

Despite posting a 5-3-1 regular season record overall, Nashville suffered from a lack of production from their forward line. That fact is evidenced by the fact that their leading scorer, Cliff “Nugget” Cosnahan, played most of the year in the middle of the field. Losses to Columbus and Chicago in September led to a disappointing three-and-out finish in Division II at Nationals.

President David “Frosty” Harris and the rest of the Kangaroos’ board has been hard at work this off-season revitalizing the team for the future, both immediate and distant. They have a coach, something they didn’t have last year, and they will be expanding their Metro competition in hopes of cultivating some homegrown talent in one of the most underrated sports cities in America.

Evan “Colonel” Ling and famed goal-kicker Luke Nemeth head the veteran group of this bunch into a year that should hopefully produce more wins for the boys from the Music City. Just as in last year, the Swans and Jackaroos will be the biggest tests of where they are in comparison to the other Divvy 2 sides.

Either way, it’ll be another hopeful season in Smashville.

Preseason Nationals Projection: Middle Seed, Division II.

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