Cosnahan kicks 10 as Kangaroos overwhelm Giants.

The Indianapolis Giants are one of the more recent additions to the USAFL, but they are ambitious and rising fast. The Kangaroos and Giants met at the 2016 USAFL Central Region Tournament to produce a very exciting and memorable game. If you missed it live, you can still see the entire game against the Indianapolis Giants at

The Giants traveled to Elmington Park to meet the Nashville Kangaroos again on Saturday, September 24th.

David “Frosty” Harris, Jeff “Peeps” Persson, Dee “Weeman” Vsetecka, John “JP” Kirby and Timmy Dunn provided a reliable and determined defense. Exciting rookies Brian Domin and Elliot Szabo shared duties in the ruck and provided tall targets in the center, surrounded by Maurice “Slomo” Howell, John Freeman and Aussie Dale Sutherland, who put in strong first, second and third efforts. Eric Toepfer and Cliff “Nugget” Cosnahan, who have consistently produced goals throughout the season, looked to add to their tallies.

Both teams moved the ball quickly and accurately, but it was the Kangaroos that gained the early lead. After a relatively even first quarter, Nashville broke away in the second quarter to lead 11.5 (71) to Indianapolis 2.2 (14) at the half. Cosnahan kicked four goals at full forward, while Toepfer scored a pair venturing further afield, but a total of seven goal kickers provided multiple options against the Giant defense.

The third quarter was a tough session, with both teams playing tight, man-on footy. Indy thrived on this, winning the quarter by restricting Nashille’s open style of play. However, the hot weather and intensity finally got to the Giants in the last quarter. With Persson moving into the back line, Dunn joined the center players in providing multiple deliveries to the forwards. Cosnahan had a flurry of opportunities, ending with ten goals in a spectacular personal game as the Kangaroos ran away to a 13 goal win.

Final score:
Nashville Kangaroos 18.11 (119)
Indianapolis Giants 6.5 (41)

Goals: Cliff Cosnahan 10, Eric Toepfer 2, Tim Dunn, John Freeman, Maurice Howell, John Kirby, Jeff Persson, Dale Sutherland.

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