Wayne Schwass Cup returns to Nashville

Last year, the Chicago Swans reversed Nashville ascendancy with inspiring efforts from both teams. The Swans had a strong squad of 23 going into the game on their home field, while the Nashville Kangaroos traveled to Chicago with just 16 players in a match that was played 14 a side. Chicago’s advantage of running the interchange to keep their legs fresh finally brought down the Roos.

The Kangaroos were confident they could win back the Wayne Schwass Cup on June 13, 2015. Led by coach Paul Colyvan, team captain Luke Nemeth, veteran Ross “Rosco” Flemming playing his 50th game, club president David “Frosty” Harris playing his 51st game, and Revo prospects Tim “Squirrel” Fulwider and Nathan “Nathan Caldwell” Caldwell, the Kangaroos maximized home ground advantage with a squad of 23, while the Swans brought 16 players to Elmington Park. A crowd of 220 spectators added enthusiastic support, and the stage was set for the Wayne Schwass Cup to return to Nashville.

Nonetheless, the Swans went out to an early lead, defending ferociously and making good use of the wind advantage. The Kangaroos were limited to a single goal by Flemming in the first quarter, and early began to feel the pressure of a confident Chicago team. Trailing by two goals at quarter time, the Roos responded with rookie Aaron Jumonville kicking his first career goal, James Mitchell playing a big man’s game, and the ever-reliable Cliff “Nugget” Cosnahan scoring to tie the scores at 4.5 (29) at half time.

The second half started similarly to the first half, with the visitors again playing rugged football, making good use of their size and the breeze. The Roos were again limited to just a single goal by Tony “Pablo” Niknedjad. Things did not look good for the Kangaroos trailing by three goals, and it was to their credit that they kept their composure. Running strongly in the final quarter, the Nashville team had finishing legs while the Swans slowed after playing over a hour in the heat with no interchange. Gilberto Ortiz showed his magic, Cosnahan kicked his second for the match, Luke Nemeth scored a captain’s goal in his consistent effort around the center, full forward Flemming nabbed another goal, and Fulwider displayed overhead skills to mark and then kicked truly to assure the victory.

The Nashville Kangaroos are now 4-1, while the Chicago Swans are 1-1 with an impressive win over highly rated Minnesota Freeze

With the Wayne Schwass Cup brought home, the Nashville Kangaroos now look to an opportunity to participate at the Indianapolis Invitational on June 20th, followed by a trip to southern Louisiana to renew the rivalry with the Baton Rouge Tigers on June 27th.

Final score:
Nashville Kangaroos 10.13 (73)
Chicago Swans 8.7 (55)

Goals: Ross Flemming 2, Cliff Cosnahan 2, Aaron Jumonville, James Mitchell, Tony Niknejad, Gilberto Ortiz, Tim Fulwider, Luke Nemeth.

Field: Grant White, Jeff Persson.
Goal: Toby Persson, Alex Benjamin (his 150th).

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