Unique double victory at 11th Annual Fastest Roo

Cold rain fell at the Zoo, with shivering runners sheltering during warm-up time before 3pm on January 27, 2018. Some Kangaroos sheltered throughout the race, but one runner braved the cold and slippery trails to create a result that had never occured in the ten prior Fastest Roo events.

Evan “Colonel” Ling is usually the man with the plan to be Fastest Roo, substituting strategy for speed. This was a winning formula in three prior Zoo Runs. However, at the 11th Fastest Roo, Ling was not watching for newcomer Carson Moore, who splashed past to win by eleven seconds in the 5 km (3.1 mile) race. In doing so, Moore gained a unique double victory, as she was also this year’s “Blue Flyer.”

Jeff “Peeps” Persson, 2008 Fastest Roo
Evan “Colonel” Ling, 2009 Fastest Roo
Evan “Colonel” Ling, 2010 Fastest Roo
Matt “Wheats” Wheatley, 2011 Fastest Roo
Clint Milner, 2012 Fastest Roo
Clint Milner, 2013 Fastest Roo
Daniell “Whippet” Leipply, 2014 Fastest Roo
Tim “Squirrel” Fulwider, 2015 Fastest Roo
Jeff “Peeps” Persson, 2016 Fastest Roo
Evan “Colonel” Ling & Jeff “Peeps” Persson, tied 2017 Fastest Roo
Carson Moore, 2018 Fastest Roo

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