Unprecedented result at 10th Annual Fastest Roo

It was a perfect day to go to the Zoo, a sunny day with temperature in the high 60s. It was also the perfect day for a run.

Evan “Colonel” Ling was the man with the plan at the Zoo Run. He bided his time through the first 3 miles, running step by step with Jeff “Peeps” Persson past the lorikeets. As they approached the cassowaries, red kangaroos and cockatoos, Persson grew in confidence, while Ling seemed to tire.

They exited the front gate together, but wily Ling accelerated quickly as they turned for the straight, like a forward making a lead. Persson reacted instantly, losing barely a stride, like a determined defender in the last seconds of a footy match with less than a goal dividing the teams. As they ran in the sunshine, Ling could see his pursuer’s shadow out of the corner of his eye, but shade enveloped them in the final few yards.

We’re still waiting for a photo of the finish, but the official times were identical.

Jeff “Peeps” Persson, 2008 Fastest Roo
Evan “Colonel” Ling, 2009 Fastest Roo
Evan “Colonel” Ling, 2010 Fastest Roo
Matt “Wheats” Wheatley, 2011 Fastest Roo
Clint Milner, 2012 Fastest Roo
Clint Milner, 2013 Fastest Roo
Daniell “Whippet” Leipply, 2014 Fastest Roo
Tim “Squirrel” Fulwider, 2015 Fastest Roo
Jeff “Peeps” Persson, 2016 Fastest Roo
Evan “Colonel” Ling & Jeff “Peeps” Persson, tied 2017 Fastest Roo

Cyndi Barker continued the “Blue Flyer” tradition by representing the Nashville Kangaroos while completing the 2017 Zoo Run Run 5k.

Visit the Nashville Zoo web site for more information on Zoo events and great exhibits like Kangaroo Kickabout.

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